Introduction to OPMID

Over the years, MPOB has identified many microbes that play essential role in the oil palm ecosystem. These microbes namely bacteria, fungi, virus and viroids play pertinent roles in the research field of plant pathology, entomopathology and biodiversity in oil palm. With so much of information available on these microbes, it important to centralise and coordinate the information for in-house and public availability. Additionally, the information gathered should be stored systematically for immediate retrieval by anyone.

Having this in mind, a centralized portal was established to organize these valuable information on the microbes, referred to as Oil Palm Microbial Integrated Database (OPMID). The first module focuses on the oil palm basal stem rot pathogen Ganoderma. This integrated database, named GanoID is a subset of microbial information to be integrated under this portal for in house and public use. It is aimed that OPMID will be the central platform integrating information on microbes involved in oil palm research. 

Our Microbial Collection